The ACE Awakening


The ACE Awakening is the second book in The ACE Series.
The Author shares his experience of trekking across one the most inhospitable terrains in India and overcoming extreme challenges to successfully climb five perilous peaks. The author uses his experience of reaching the top of the mountain as a metaphor to the challenges in life we all face and brings you
the 8 Milestones that will help you on the journey to reach the Pinnacle of Excellence in your own life.

Do you have

• A desire to improve your life each day, each moment?
• An eagerness to seek out fresh challenge?
• A desire to learn new skills and refine the skills you already possess?
• A willingness to endure discomfort, uncertainty, and pain to pursue these things?

The ACE Awakening shows how you can accomplish your greatest dreams and journey to the Pinnacle
of Excellence.

Ready to reach your Pinnacle of Excellence?

Why climb a mountain? When we climb one, it’s not that we become greater than the mountain, but its greatness becomes part of us. Each year, climbing five mountains helps me embark on a personal journey to reach my Pinnacle of Excellence.

Now I bring this great experience to you as my gift. One that will allow you to also reach the heights you dream of. This book is dedicated to the climber and overcomer within you. I hope The ACE Awakening
will inspire you to climb your own mountains. I wish you the heights of success and happiness.

When you purchase this book you will be helping support Autism Charities. Isn’t that wonderful – helping kids in need.

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