Social Media for Business

Building Your Brand on Social Media – Made Easy.


Your brand speaks for your company and its products and/or services. In today’s online-focused world, it’s important that your brand has a definitive, consistent, and responsive presence.

Whether you’re looking to build a brand from scratch, or strengthen an existing brand, this course will help you build a brand using social media.

Murali Murthy will help you to build a social media strategy, identify social media platforms that fit your brand, craft strong messages that will engage your audience, and evaluate and revise your strategy.



  • Define terms related to social media branding
  • Create a strategy for your social media brand
  • Describe various social media platforms and identify what platforms fit your brand
  • Communicate effectively over social media
  • Deal with negative feedback and criticism
  • Create social media brand guidelines to lead brand ambassadors
  • Evaluate your brand strength and revise your strategy


HOW You Will Benefit

  • Set the Stage – Start by identifying your personal learning objectives.
  • Building the Brand – Learn what goes into making a brand. They you look at social media and learn what it exactly is and how your brand can soar on social media.
  • Building the Social Media Branding Strategy – Look at the key ingredients for a successful branding strategy including what do you want your brand to say and what is it saying currently. (Also covered along the way are how will the brand come to life, resources, and how to evaluate progress.)
  • Identifying Your Social Media Audience – Get your branding strategy in place, build an audience profile.
  • Leveraging The Key Social Media Platforms – Choose the right platforms for your brand, and identify ways to build your brand on a social network.
  • Creating Brand-Focused Messages – Now comes a look at brand-focused messages. This session looks at the elements of a successful social media message.
  • Building Customer Trust – We look at high profile examples of ways that individuals and companies can make or break customer trust through their social media actions.
  • Developing a Communication Strategy – Each brand needs guidelines for a social media presence and they are addressed here along with a look at applying them to each situation.
  • Creating Brand Ambassadors – Look at how to turn customers into online ambassadors for your brand and examine actual examples from the business world.


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