Success Stories

American Express

Dear Murali, Thank you for conducting the very engaging workshop on “Enhancing Your Effectiveness”. We received very good feedback about your session from the participants and managers.
Director, Global Operations, American Express

RBC Royal Bank

Hi Murali, thank you for delivering such an engaging, informative seminar on Personal and Professional Branding. Everyone enjoyed your workshop and found you very interactive.
Branch Manager, RBC Royal Bank

Toronto Chapter, ICAI

Murali is an engaging speaker full of passion and purpose.
We were very happy at ICAI Toronto Chapter to host him to share his insights
on Business Branding and Presentation Mastery which he did with eloquence and charm.

Murali also re-defined how we view and use Social Media and shared tips that are proven to add value to the bottom line. ICAI has organized several Conferences on organizational effectiveness and leadership and Murali’s session easily comes out on top.

He is the most inspiring and charismatic speaker on the subject of Personal Branding and easily engaged hard-to-please audiences, consisting of high level policy makers and experts who were absolutely impressed by the insight of his speeches.

In the most recent ICAI Annual General Body Meeting, his talk was the one that created the most follow-up questions and conversations.

We’ve had a great time learning from him and look forward to implement his insights on branding and the future of work, fuelled by social media.
Chair, Toronto Chapter of ICAI

CPAC Foundation

Dear Murali, on behalf of CPAC Foundation, we thank you for participating in our Annual Conference as Guest Speaker. Our attendees thoroughly enjoyed your session and gained valuable insights.
Executive Director, CPAC Foundation

Navy League of Canada

Hi Murali, we benefited immensely from your insights. Thank you for and provoking us to develop a better self. The skills we learned do not only enhance us at the work place but in all areas of life.
CEO, Navy League of Canada

Indo-Canadian Chamber of Commerce

As a marketing and sales branding expert, Murali helped us to uniquely articulate our brand value. He helped us gain insight into what our clients truly desire and how we could fulfill those needs and enrich their lives.
Director, Indo-Canadian Chamber of Commerce

LifePlan Investments

“Murali came to us highly recommend when we were launching our high-end financial services firm. He immediately Wowed us with his brilliant marketing expertise.

Murali is a very talented branding professional and always one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to help us achieve our marketing goals. Beyond being highly personable, Murali goes above and beyond, bringing new ideas to the table even under tight timelines. We appreciate his top-notch marketing expertise and speed of getting things done.
He’s a consummate branding professional and fun to work with too.

Murali continues to provide exceptional value and his deep knowledge of branding make him
a sharp marketing source. His results are always outstanding.
CEO and Founder, LifePlan Investments

Gisele, Commercial Insurance Agent.

Hello Murali,

I attended your presentation at the Job Expo a little over a week ago. You boasted about how your ‘techniques’ work, and how you receive e-mails every week to ‘supposedly’ thank you. Let me tell you; those things work! I was unemployed for 6 months. My phone started to ring less; my confidence was going down the drain.

In your speech you put an emphasis on confidence, matching your skills to the job requirements, and finally telling the employer why they should hire you. I went home and put those things together. I decided to give my all for the next interview.

Guess what? I had an interview last Friday. I walked into the office with so much confidence (fake it till you make it J). The hiring manager started telling me about the qualifications they were looking for. I looked straight into his eyes, with a smile, and said, “ You have found the one you have been looking for.” That was it. They laughed and nodded; they told me that was a good answer. The rest was a piece of cake; I had already set the tone for the interview. I did not have much experience in that field, but I have transferrable skills. They basically hired me right on the spot.

Before the end of the day, I received a call and was offered the position (even before they could check my references).

What I have shared with you is confidential, but I owe it to you. I have to thank you, really, from my heart. I was not sure I could be so confident. Please, continue to help people.
– Gisele

Nidhi, Technical Analyst.

Hello Murali

I want to enormously thank you for letting me participate in your “Tips on LinkedIn / Resume” session.

I am extremely glad to inform you that after attending just one session on how to fix and upgrade the existing profile, I have been receiving interview calls from the recruiters. Once again thank you so much for all your support and investing time in other people lives to make them successful.

I would be delighted to recommend you to all other students who can benefit from your powerful coaching and outstanding presentations.

Best Regards
– Nidhi, Technical Analyst

Anupam, Sr. Manager, Client Service.

I would like to thank Murali for his continuous guidance and mentorship to help me build and grow my career in Canada.

During my initial days after arriving in Canada he helped me build and improve my resume, linkedin and social media presence. He helped me reposition myself to match the needs of the Canadian employers and job market. His technique and strategy helped me bag multiple job offers and I was able to choose the one best suited for myself.

Even today, I keep seeking his mentorship and advise to be on the top of the trend, which helped me to get a promotion at my job.

Thank you once again Murali for your mentorship and guidance throughout.
– Anupam

Anna, Financial Manager.

As a multicultural Marketing/PR Professional, I attended Murali’s training in sales and marketing twice. I have a very strong feeling this experience has changed my career life forever.

He has such sharp eyes which can find best of the best for everything presentation was very interesting. He used many vivid examples to help us understand the concept of personal branding. His recommendations are priceless which helped me in many aspects to land a job! I do appreciate the great opportunity to meet a like-minded professional like him. Everyone would be lucky to attend his training!!!
– Anna

Dalbir, Account Manager.

Hi Murali,

I am emailing to let you know about the good news! I just got the Account Manager job I was looking for! I wanted to thank you for all your help and mentorship.

Before I met you, I was struggling to find a job but after that one LinkedIn and resume session with you, I am getting job offers from all over the place. This is all because of your mentorship and guidance. Before I met with you life was not treating me so well. After applying your ACE Principles and seeking your mentorship, life is beyond awesome! Nothing in this world can bring me down! I really am very thankful for everything you have done for me and helping me improve my life in every aspect.

The whole world needs a mentor like you! Thank you!
– Dalbir

Lachelle, Marketing Communications Manager.

Hi Murali,

I cannot thank you enough for being instrumental in helping me secure my dream job!

The points you shared about self-confidence, marketing oneself, and not selling oneself short helped through the job interview. It made me convey the value that I can contribute to the company without sounding arrogant, which translated, I believe, to maturity and credibility. True enough, I ultimately got the job only after two meetings.

I’d also like to mention that your feedback on my resume helped me zero in on the important points to highlight and do away with wordy and technical descriptions.

You’re a blessed speaker and a blessing to people like me. Again, thank you sincerely!
– Lachelle

Sarah, Marketing Coordinator.

Hi Murali,

I found my dream job!

When I was looking for a new Marketing job, by chance, I went to the career fair in North York. I was really expecting anything. I attended the LinkedIn presentation made by Murali and i felt inspired. I went and started working on my LinkedIn profile.

I needed some advice so I contacted Murali. He invited to meet among other people to work on our LinkedIn profile. We spent some time on enhancing it and I decided to add a profile picture. That week, my profile view went up significantly. I also made sure to include the link to my LinkedIn profile on my resume. And guess what, my actual manager checked me out on LinkedIn. It paid off.

So thanks Murali for your support and advice. I really learnt a lot!
– Sarah

Sophia, Multicultural Sales and Marketing Content Writer.

Dear Murali,

Hope my email finds you well.
After the informational interview followed by a copywriting test, I finally became a freelance copywriter in Canadian multicultural marketing field – they gave me an exciting job of writing website content for P&G.

You are the first person I want to share this great news with, because I definitely could not have made it without your help.

What you taught us is not just about job hunting, but about self-recognition, personal branding and integrating one’s strengths and confidence to live a successful life in a new country. It was a challenging process and painful but extremely beneficial as I followed your teachings step by step. During the eight weeks of learning from you, I learnt how to build up a professional profile and positive personal image on social media, how to adapt new ideas and technologies to refresh and maximize self-worth, and how to develop potential-motivating projects to make myself stand out in a cutthroat competitive market.

I feel blessed to have you, an encouraging, inspiring and resourceful coach to help me start my career path in Canada, and a selfless mentor. I sincerely wish more newcomers like me could benefit from your theory and coaching.

Many thanks and best regards,
– Sophia

Meenal, Digital Marketing Coordinator.

I would like to share that I got a job today as a Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Coordinator – my first Job in Canada in my field – no survival job.

I simply followed and implemented what Murali taught and the results are here. Murali tells you the right way to hit the bull’s eye.

To be precise, I landed the job exactly 15 days after I met him. I am not going to stop here – with his guidance, I know I am going to soar high.
– Meenal

Derrick, Technical Sales Consultant.

Hi Murali,

I have tested your ways and they really work.

I adjusted my resume according to your suggestion so that it can explain my expertise and experience in a concise and striking way. I landed myself a lot of interviews and a job now.

Before I went to the interview, I prepared a one-sheet strategy chart customized for the employers using your template. The charts were not perfect but I could feel the interviewer were really impressed by the stuff and the effort I spent on this. I was invited to the 2nd round interview and was offered the job.

I am very thankful that you provided me useful ways for the resume and interview preparation.
– Derrick

Ashi Sunnam, MCSA, Networking Operations Center Support Specialist.

I had the opportunity to meet Murali and attend his presentation at a Job Expo few weeks ago. He taught me the art of “personal branding” and mentored me with the right strategies to be successful in my job search.

His methods of teachings were unique and have created a huge impact in my life. Not only that I was able to succeed by being coached by Murali, I also developed my leadership skills and a Winner’s attitude.
I followed Murali’s strategies and updated my Linkedin profile and resume. I then made the right connections and developed the right skills to achieve my dream job. I finally accepted a position as a Networking Operations Center Support specialist for an IT Solution Provider in Richmond Hil, ON.
Thank you Murali. I wish that you create many winners like me.God bless you.
– Ashi Sunnam

Kevin, Sales Associate.

It’s amazing that just after a few sessions with Murali, I immediately passed the first round of the telephone interview with the HR Manager just by following Murali’s instructions to rebuild my LinkedIn pages, and brand myself confidently on social media.

He has changed my way of thinking completely, built my confidence, and helped me get a job by showing how to be a “unique me”, and how to be the best version of myself.
– Kevin

Rohit, Senior Service Desk Specialist.

Hello Murali,

I want to thanks you for your career building and LinkedIn session.
It has impacted me in a very positive way.

After graduating from Centennial College, I modified my Resume and LinkedIn profile as per your coaching and that helped me in getting me a position at CIBC.

I want to thank you for showing me new avenues and dimensions of thought process which further added value in my skill set.

– Rohit

Manvir, Accountant.

Hey Murali!

Thanks a bunch ! With your guidance I was able to get a job in my first attempt right after graduating from university.

In the second round of my interview the Senior Staff were really impressed. They later called to give me an offer, they expressed their excitement to have me on board.

Thank you Murali. Your teachings and tactics really work. The first career job is a big milestone in one’s life, you helped me achieve that milestone with great victory !
– Manvir

Anas, Biomedical Engineer.

I have been fortunate to have Murali as a coach and trainer.

He has been an inspirational and motivational speaker for me. He has shown me new avenues and dimensions of thought process which further added value in my skill set.

I have been applying to several companies but they never looked at me for 6 months.
But just after having few sessions with Murali, I succeeded getting my first interview and job with Stryker which is the 7th ranked in the world in the medical devices industry.
I wish him all good luck.

Thanks and Regards,
– Anas

Gurpass, Mechanical Engineer.

Hi Murali,

Hope you are good and everything is going well. I just got an e-mail and a job offer from the Plant Manager of the company regarding the job which I applied for. It happened after the session which I had with you regarding building up my Resume and LinkedIn Profile. That one session changed my way of thinking, built my self-confidence and showed how to present my unique profile.

Thanks for your help and time. I really appreciate every bit of it.

– Gurpass

Mani, Financial Analyst.

I am proud to say that I am one among many who has benefited from the ACE power of Murali Murthy. He has indeed inspired a lot of people.

In my earlier days, after graduation, I was stumbling through life and I felt completely lost. I was desperately looking for a fresh and a new start in my career. That was the time, I had an opportunity to meet Murali at a Job expo. Ever since I met him, his charisma and positive vibe changed me too.

He not only led me to ‘out of box’ thinking, but also pulled me out of the box and made me self-aware, confident and to think ‘different and unique’. He has helped me transform from ‘the same old Mani’ story to “WOW”. My experience with him has been absolutely stunning. His advice is definitely worth its weight in Diamonds. I am blessed and always thankful for his support.
– Mani

Ishan, Sales and Marketing Coordinator.

Hello Murali,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me in building my career and showing me the right direction. You are an amazing career coach, thought leader, and the best mentor anyone could ever ask for. Your teaching method is so unique, crystal clear and divine, it not only helped me in Landing a right job, it gave me a clarity: on how to live life in a positive manner and be a successful leader.

I thank you once again for taking my LinkedIn profile and Resume to a whole new level which helped me immensely and due to that I got multiple job offers and from those offers I was able to choose the right ONE.

I am going to end with this –
“Formal education will make you a living, however Self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

Best Regards
– Ishan

Rowena Tenepere, ‎Senior Associate – Financial Control.

Hi Murali,

I am so grateful that I attended your Personal Branding workshop. I got a job, a week after I met you (NO survival jobs & No Canadian experience barriers). I simply applied your ACE approach in my resume & job interview.

The moment I entered the interview room, I brought all the positive energy and confidence in me. One important key take away is to always impress the recruiter/company (do not answer any question with any single doubt). Your special unique branding of yourself should be consistent until the end of the interview.

Thank you again and more power to you. You are definitely one of the best coaches ever!

I highly recommend your workshop to new immigrants like me. Please continue to help other immigrants. For sure they will succeed too.

Rowena Tenepere