Employer Branding

Strengthen Your EVP – Employer Value Proposition


Companies that consistently attract the best talent get one thing right: Employer branding. The right employer branding determines your success in recruiting and retaining professionals to effectively become your brand advocates.


Your EVP – Employer Value Proposition is an essential tool to help you stand out and attract top candidates. Murali can help you cultivate and guide your EVP through careful messaging.



  • Define your desired brand personality and employer brand promise to employees
  • Align on core brand positioning options
  • Create a wish list of potential EVP attributes supported by key insights
  • Identify your company strengths and realistic aspirations
  • Uncover where you are similar, different and unique to your key talent competitors


HOW You Will Benefit

  • Strengthen your Employer Brand
  • Attract and Retain Top Talent
  • Manage Reputation with Employee Advocacy and Referrals
  • Identify key objectives in employer branding
  • Create main content for key social media platforms
  • Improve Brand Awareness
  • Showcase Company Culture
  • Drive Quality Referrals
  • Increase Organic Reach
  • Spark More Conversations on Social Media


BONUS: Building Your Employer Brand on Social Media

Social Media is allowing recruiters to work faster and more cost-effectively in finding candidates and advertising for opportunities. This is a major shift in how recruiters work all over the world.

WHAT You Will Learn

  • Which social media services to use for which type of recruitment
  • Which social media services to use for employer branding and which for direct recruitment
  • How to leverage the free opportunities in social media
  • How to get the most out of LinkedIn in recruitment
  • How to effectively reach and engage the skilled individuals


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