Engaging Presentation Skills

Deliver Engaging, High Impact Presentations with Confidence and Style!

In this seminar, you’ll learn how to present your ideas with conviction, clarity and style without fear.

You’ll gain the specific skills and direction you need to become comfortable with your own style. And you’ll receive expert advice on how to handle especially challenging situations.

Most important, you’ll develop these skills by making live presentations and obtaining invaluable feedback in a safe and fun workshop environment.


WHAT You Will Learn

  • Learn to use voice and body language to communicate more powerfully
  • Reduce presentation anxiety and stress with proven exercises and techniques
  • Apply an effective tool for structuring your messages for greater clarity and impact
  • Address audience questions with professionalism and confidence
  • Engage listeners, understand their needs and adjust your presentation accordingly
  • Structure your presentation content in an easy-to-follow and engaging flow
  • Anticipate and manage logistical barriers that arise in a presentation setting


HOW You Will Benefit

  • Dramatically improve your presentation style and delivery
  • Represent your team and organization with professionalism and credibility
  • Gain tips for audience engagement
  • Practice impromptu speaking


WHO Should Attend

  • Professionals who have minimal or frequent presentation experience
  • Anyone who wants to have more of an impact when speaking in front of groups
  • Everyone interested in delivering high impact formal presentations.


Available Options:

Keynote:  60 Mins. / 75 Mins. / 90 Mins. / 120 Mins.

Keynote + Workshop:  ½ Day / Full Day

Custom Training:  ½ Day / Full Day

Moderating/Facilitating:  ½ Day / Full Day


At the end of the presentation, participants will be given handouts – and equipped with confidence

and a new personal understanding of their professional roles.

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