Employer Branding

Strengthen Your EVP – Employer Value Proposition

Companies that consistently attract the best talent get one thing right: Employer branding.

The right employer branding determines your success in recruiting and retaining professionals to effectively become your brand advocates.

Your EVP – Employer Value Proposition is an essential tool to help you stand out and attract top candidates. ACE can help you cultivate and guide your EVP through careful messaging.

WHAT You Will Learn

  • Define your desired brand personality and employer brand promise to employees
  • Create a wish list of potential EVP attributes supported by key insights
  • Identify your company strengths and realistic aspirations
  • Identify gaps and opportunities to strengthen your EVP to achieve business objectives
  • Uncover where you are similar, different and unique to your key talent competitors

HOW You Will Benefit

  • Strengthen your Employer Brand
  • Attract and Retain Top Talent
  • Manage Reputation with Employee Advocacy and Referrals
  • Identify key objectives in employer branding
  • Create main content for key social media platforms
  • Improve Brand Awareness
  • Showcase Company Culture
  • Drive Quality Referrals
  • Increase Organic Reach
  • Spark More Conversations on Social Media

BONUS: Building Your Employer Brand on Social Media

Social Media is allowing recruiters to work faster and more cost-effectively in finding candidates and advertising for opportunities. This is a major shift in how recruiters work all over the world.

WHAT You Will Learn

  • Which social media services to use for which type of recruitment
  • Which social media services to use for employer branding and which for direct recruitment
  • How to leverage the free opportunities in social media
  • How to get the most out of LinkedIn in recruitment
  • How to effectively reach and engage the skilled individuals

WHO Should Attend

  • Recruitment Specialists, Managers and Directors
  • HR Personnel from Assistants to HR Directors
  • Marketing, Communications Professionals Aiming to Learn EVP Best Practices

Available Options:

Keynote:  60 Mins. / 75 Mins. / 90 Mins. / 120 Mins.

Keynote + Workshop:  ½ Day / Full Day

Custom Training:  ½ Day / Full Day

Moderating/Facilitating:  ½ Day / Full Day

At the end of the presentation, participants will be given handouts – and equipped with confidence

and a new personal understanding of their professional roles.

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